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Overwatch Lore – Necropolis Map Lore, Easter Eggs and Speculation! | Hammeh

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**SUBSCRIBE** -- Necropolis is a map rich with details and lore explaining where Ana may have been recently, where Soldier 76 is right now, and what they might ...

Overwatch Lore – Tracer “Reflections” Christmas Comic Analysis!

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Hi and welcome! I’m Hammeh, and today we’ll be taking a look at Overwatch’s Tenth Digital Comic, “Reflections” - in which we see Lena Oxton, Tracer to most of us, on the hunt for a last-minute Christmas gift for Winst...

Sombra Interactions, Voice Lines and Lore!

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Overwatch's Sombra - in her lore, a master hacker and manipulator, forged in the destruction after the First Omnic Crisis. Explore her lore and story through her voice lines and interactions with Overwatch heroes in t...

Sombra ARG – Simple, Full Summary! (New Character Teasers)

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Sombra's been teased in Overwatch since forever - with the potential new character and hero getting her own ARG! Discover the whole Sombra ARG and potential path to a Sombra reveal in Overwatch here! **SUBSCRIBE** ...

Mercy’s Healing – The Science Behind Overwatch!

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*SUBSCRIBE** - In this new series, I’ll be looking at different concepts of the science of Overwatch - what we know lore-wise in game about them (O...

Lore Bytes ► Overwatch Companies and Corporations! | Hammeh

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Overwatch Lore Bytes - where I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic! This episodes lore byte - who are the big companies and corporations in Overwatch's lore and story, what do we know about th...

Lore – Old Soldiers (S76/Reaper/Sombra/Ana) Comic Review + Analysis! | Hammeh

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Overwatch lore and story, Sombra, and S76 punching Reaper? The Eighth Digital Comic, Old Soldiers, is amazing! Click for more details! **Subscribe** -

Top 10 Community Plays of The Week! – #6 | Hammeh

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Overwatch Top 5 (x 2!) Community plays of the week submitted by you! ➜ Please Like and let us know your favourite plays in the comment section ➜ Never miss an Overwatch video from me by subscribing here: https://www...

Story Of Overwatch So Far! (Lore Summary)

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Want a summary of Overwatch, lore and story-wise? For those of you wanting a TL:DR of Overwatch’s history and origins in game lore, I've summarised it all here, along with Morrison, Reyes, Reinhardt, Ana and more! **S...

SDCC Ana Origins Panel Roundup! | Hammeh

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Overwatch lore and story galore at SDCC (San Diego ComicCon) in Blizzard's Ana Origins Panel, including new First Strike Graphic Novel images! **Subscribe**

New Map – Black Forest Confirmed? | Hammeh

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  There's been a lot of speculation from some mined soundfiles recently as to whether a Reinhardt, Germany/Stuttgart map could be close to arriving in Overwatch. I've gone back through my archives and found so...

Zenyatta, Ghost in The Machine! (Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore) | Hammeh

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Overwatch’s Zenyatta - lore wise, a humble monk about to become a hero? Explore his lore and story, voicelines and interactions with fellow heroes and the world around him in this video! Overwatch origins and lore ...

New Hero Lore – Ana Amari Analysis + Speculation! | Hammeh

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Overwatch New Hero, new lore and story hype! Ana Amari is confirmed - I explain her backstory and analyse her origin trailer here, as well as speculate about what we're yet to discover about Ana! First thoughts - cont...

Support Sniper Lore Teaser Released – Ana Amari or Sombra inbound?

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Overwatch's New Hero - The Support Sniper - seems to be confirmed with an image teaser from Blizzard! Discover more details of the news, along with speculation here! SUBSCRIBE -

McCree, Dead or Alive! (Hero Voice Lines, Interactions & Lore) | Hammeh

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Overwatch's McCree - in his lore, a vigilante outlaw helping where he can. Will he ever unite with Overwatch again? Explore his lore and story, voicelines and interactions with fellow heroes and the world around him i...

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