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Overwatch – Tracer’s Quick Wits! (Hero Voice Lines and Interactions) | Hammeh

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Tracer - the cheeky Cockney, everyone’s favourite fearless pilot, time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good! Her in-game voice lines and interactions show off a whole lot more to her character beside...

Overwatch – Junkrat Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore! | Hammeh

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Junkrat is currently on the run with his partner in crime, Roadhog, causing chaos worldwide. Radiation-tinged from his time as a Junker, Junkrat holds a valuable secret that bounty hunters and nefarious individuals ar...

Lore Bytes ► Overwatch Companies and Corporations! | Hammeh

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Overwatch Lore Bytes - where I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic! This episodes lore byte - who are the big companies and corporations in Overwatch's lore and story, what do we know about th... – Hero Voice Lines/Interactions and Lore | Hammeh

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An ex-StarCraft 2 pro and film-star, D’va’s currently serving on the front line for MEKA,putting her career on hold to help defend the region against a giant omnic monstrosity causing trouble in the East China Sea. ...

Hearthstone Tempo Mage | 2 Minute Deck Guide! | Bloodlips Legend

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Need a new deck to try in Hearthstone? Look no further! In this video we're introducing a Tempo Mage deck in just two minutes - grabbing tempo/control with good trades before a bursty turn 5-8 finish! **Subscribe f...

Pharah Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore | Hammeh

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**Time Codes to Skip -** Pharah Lore - 0:55 Pharah Interactions - Heroes - Pharah Map Interactions - A military veteran and courageous leader, Fareeha Amari has dreamed since being a child of joining Overwatch...

Hearthstone Beta – Rogue Tutorial Deck Video! (Mage vs Rogue)

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G'day and welcome to the third of our commentated Hearthstone Beta videos! Rogue (or rouge - common typo) this game, the rogue deck gets going late after a slow draw, setting up a big ponder from me late ...

Hellion Rushed! (1v1 Terran HoTS Beta in-game – Antigua – Loss)

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Urgh. An embarassing loss, but I hope some newbie SC2 players reading this learn from it like I am going to try to! 7 min in-game time long, so not a long one for you to watch ;) Matc...

Hearthstone Ranked Titles List!

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Here's the list of Ranked Titles you can earn in Hearthstone at the moment following the new patch in Ranked Mode. We'll update them as and when we earn them/spot them start from the bottom up! I...

March 2014 Hearthstone Patch Notes Video Summary! – Tinkmaster Overspark, Nat Pagle and More! – Hearthstone Half Hour EP29

837 Views0 Comments Hearthstone is all released and in the wild! For those of you who didn't spot these at launch, there were some final patch notes and card changes from Blizzard on a coupl...

Hearthstone Patch Notes – – Unleash The Hounds Change! (May 2014)

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Patch time! Some nice iPad enhancements. general gameplay tweaks including improvements to practice mode for Hearthstone along with an Unleash the Hounds Tweak - see all the details below! We'll have a patch notes ...

Blizzard, Hearthstone and Heroes of The Storm at PAX Prime!

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Blizzard's hitting up PAX Prime in a cool way this year - if you try the Heroes of The Storm demo, you can also get a limited ETC pin for free! #jealous Whether you're a Hearthstone battler, want to try Warlord...

Anub’arak Hero Gameplay Introduction and Guide! | Heroes of The Storm Alpha

644 Views0 Comments   Subscribe for more Heroes of The Storm! - Anub'arak introduction time! In this play and learn series,we take Anub'arak and ...

Thrall Hero Gameplay Introduction and Guide! | Heroes of The Storm Beta

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**Subscribe for more Heroes of The Storm! - ** **Watch live at ** **See More Heroes of The Storm Hero Guides -

Hearthstone Chromaggus Guide/Win | Blackrock Mountain Adventure Mode!

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It's Blackrock Mountain time - Hearthstone's second adventure! Here we conquer the normal mode fight against Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair. Click Expand below for more info! **Subscribe for more Hearthstone! - http://b...

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