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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain New Cards – Flamewalker/Core Rager/Imp Gang Boss Analysis!

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Subscribe for more Hearthstone! - **Watch live at ** **More Blackrock Mountain Card Spoilers - Quick New Player Friendly Analysis! -

Hearthstone New Card Back Announced – The Black Temple – Ranked Season 2!

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Ranked Season 2 is here! Kicking off 1st May 2014, you can start working towards Legend again, but also grab a new Hearthstone Card Back Reward! Today, Hearthstone CM Zeriyah announced Hearthstone's Second Official...

Hydralisk to Lurker and Impaler – Evolution Mission – StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm

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HURRAY! HEART OF THE SWARM IS OUT! Having almost got to end of campaign, I'm laddering again now too so expect more video fails and hopefully some learnings for you from my pain ;) To kick off a mini campaign se...

Hearthstone Mage Arena – Arena Thursday! – Hearthstone Half Hour Episode #39

712 Views0 Comments Welcome to the 39th episode of our Hearthstone Half Hour! Still going - 4/5 nights a week, hope you're all enjoying and finding useful! As always, whether you love it ...

Ultralisk – Noxious or Torrasque ? Evolution Mission – StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm

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Noxious or Torrasque ? Noxious vs Torrasque ? Like Harry Hill (for UK dwellers..if you aren't a UK TV hound google "harry hill fight") - there's only one way to find out... Here's the next video and text breakdown ... announce Wings of Liberty Cup with Razer and Multiplay

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Wohoo! A chance for UK players to get another tournament! This one is amateur (no pros) and hosted by, Razer and Multiplay. Nice! Signups end Monday afternoon (25th) though so best get in quick! Details bel...

Hearthstone Argent Tournament Mode/Expansion Announcement Coming July 22nd?

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Press have got a "Save The Date" Scroll from Blizzard for an announcement on July 22nd, 2015! What could it be? We examine the news and take a few guesses - click expand below for more info -- *Subscribe- http:/...

Hearthstone Beta – Rogue Tutorial Deck Video! (Mage vs Rogue)

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G'day and welcome to the third of our commentated Hearthstone Beta videos! Rogue (or rouge - common typo) this game, the rogue deck gets going late after a slow draw, setting up a big ponder from me late ...

Hearthstone Closed Beta Patch Notes! Build & Ranked Play Details

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The latest Hearthstone patch is here! See below for details! Earlier today, Hearthstone patch rolled out. This build brings big ranked play changes in terms of how the ladder works, Elite Tauren Chie...

I’ve Never Played…Bad Rats! (Let’s Play)

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**Subscribe for more Let'sPlays! - **Watch live at ** *Follow us on Twitter! @FailCraftCasts* Blind Let's Play - every now and then for a bit of...

Thrall – Heroes of The Storm Hero Guide/Intro! | Heroes Half Hour

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New Video Series – Learning League of Legends!

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Evening all (GMT time anyway)! Today sees a couple of landmarks for us - first voice casted video (gasp!), and also first League of Legends how to video. These are aimed at pretty new players to the game to give...

Doktorrr’s Raptor Rogue! | Hearthstone 2 Minute Deck Guide

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Deathrattle and Roll! In this 2 minute guide, we're taking a look at Doktorrr's Raptor Rogue from League of Explorers, shared by RDIFB - click expand for more details and decklist! **Subscribe for more Hearthstone!...

Quinn (Phoenix Quinn) Champion Jokes and Emotes Video!

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Before we get stuck into League of Legends for real, here's a quick test / start video - the champions in this MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena!) are a colourful bunch, all with their own backstories and silly jo...

Heroes of the Storm – New Brightwing Hero Trailer Released!

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PAX East is here - and the Heroes announcements keep coming! Heroes of the Storm has announced more new characters at PAX East this weekend, with another brand new character trailer in the form of Brightwing - ever...

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