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Sapphiron Heroic Boss Guide and Decklist! | Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas

864 Views0 Comments Subscribe for more Hearthstone! - Check out our playthrough of heroic mode, where we take on Sapphiron! Wrecking anything that's not fro...

Sombra Interactions, Voice Lines and Lore!

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Overwatch's Sombra - in her lore, a master hacker and manipulator, forged in the destruction after the First Omnic Crisis. Explore her lore and story through her voice lines and interactions with Overwatch heroes in t...

Hearthstone Test Season 2 Arrives Today! (09/01) – Hearthstone News

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It's almost time for Hearthstone Beta Test Season 2! After the delays, the official blue post yesterday, so the patch should come today! Downtime in potential today below for you Hearthstone players. -- We w...

Support Sniper Lore Teaser Released – Ana Amari or Sombra inbound?

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Overwatch's New Hero - The Support Sniper - seems to be confirmed with an image teaser from Blizzard! Discover more details of the news, along with speculation here! SUBSCRIBE -

Terran 1v1 TvZ – Aggro Win – StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm (Bel’Shir Vestige LE)

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Next up in "Zero to Hero" - made Silver League! Hurray! Around 50/50 win loss right now.. This game I've called an "aggro" win, it's really a bunker push against a fast expand that converted better/well into mid ga...

BlizzCon 2013 Hearthstone – Program of Events Confirmed!

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The schedule for BlizzCon is live! Hearthstone has a few slots...if you want to see the times in your own local time, head to MMO champion below! We've also linked to the Blizzard pages. We'll be watching in...

Heroes of The Storm Technical Alpha – EU Invites start soon!

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Great news! Heroes of The Storm Alpha invites will be being extended beyond North American and selected streamers shortly!   In a blog by CM Vaeflare recently, it's been announced that Heroes Alpha invi...

A way to play StarCraft on Android Tablets!

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Wow! Thanks to the Winulator app, you can actually do this.. Thanks to AndroidPolice for the article!

Overwatch Lore and Story – Who is Liao? – Launch Blog Analysis and Speculation! | Hammeh

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In the midst of the Overwatch launch festivities, a blog called "OVERWATCH IS BACK: UNCERTAINTY AND HOPE AFTER UN CONFIRMS VIGILANTE ACTIVITY" popped onto the site. It was removed, and is now live again, and has some ...

Unboxing Videos Launched! (Ni No Kuni – Wrath of The White Witch Wizard’s Edition)

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Who doesn't love loot? As and when I get collector's editions, will give some unboxing videos a go! This is Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch  Wizard's Edition - it sold out over in the USA, Namco apparently had ...

Hearthstone Flare, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Soulfire Card Change/Nerf News and Analysis! – Dec 2014

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**Subscribe on YouTube for more Hearthstone News and Hearthstone Half Hour episodes! - ** **Watch live at ** Time for change again! Soulfire, Fla...

Overwatch “Dragons” Short – What We Learned and Speculation! | Hammeh

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Overwatch's Dragons Animated Short = awesome! I have a quick run through it in this video, ad-libbed as a reaction. Bear with me that I may be a bit ramble-y, thinking out loud a lot, and this video was put together i...

Hearthstone – Elite Tauren Shaman Mystery Minion at BlizzCon 2013!

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The mystery minion for Hearthstone ay BlizzCon 2013 has been announced! Elite Tauren Chieftain is a pretty fun minion...5/5/5 mana health and attack. The power chord cards summoned by his abilty look fun! I ...

Shaman Malygos Spell Deck – Viewer Deck Tech! | Hearthstone Half Hour 121

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Subscribe for more Hearthstone and gaming vids on our YouTube! - Follow us to catch streams live on Twitch! - -- In this #NewPlayerMonday we're de...

Sombra ARG – Simple, Full Summary! (New Character Teasers)

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Sombra's been teased in Overwatch since forever - with the potential new character and hero getting her own ARG! Discover the whole Sombra ARG and potential path to a Sombra reveal in Overwatch here! **SUBSCRIBE** ...

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