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Blizzard April Fool For StarCraft – Warhound for All Races!

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Gotta love a Blizzard April Fool! Here's their April Fool for StarCraft in 2013 - Warhound for all races ;) Enjoy! Situation Report Blog on Warhound Blizzard April Fool April Fool Q&A for The Blizzard ...

Grim Guzzler/Coren Direbrew Guide! | Blackrock Mountain Adventure

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Hearthstone's next adventure is out! The new  Hearthstone adventures's here! Take a look at Blackrock Depths boss Coren Direbrew of the Grim Guzzler along with how we defeated him here! What do you think of the new a...

THE Card GAME – StarCraft 2 Arcade/Custom Game Video

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I really enjoy the odd custom/arcade game, and as the StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm Beta was down the other night, I left back into StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty. Custom Games are up in beta though, just not sure ther...

Overwatch – Junkrat Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore! | Hammeh

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Junkrat is currently on the run with his partner in crime, Roadhog, causing chaos worldwide. Radiation-tinged from his time as a Junker, Junkrat holds a valuable secret that bounty hunters and nefarious individuals ar...

Overwatch – Tracer’s Quick Wits! (Hero Voice Lines and Interactions) | Hammeh

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Tracer - the cheeky Cockney, everyone’s favourite fearless pilot, time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good! Her in-game voice lines and interactions show off a whole lot more to her character beside...

Hearthstone Aggro/Budget Weapon Warrior Deck Guide! | Hearthstone Half Hour #60

1.21K Views0 Comments Episode 60 of the Hearthstone Half Hour- thanks to you all for continuing to get involved! Please do like and comment too - or simply share what you think we can improve!...

Hearthstone Strategy – Drawpower and Deck Acceleration! – Hearthstone Half Hour EP40

727 Views0 Comments Episode 40 of the Hearthstone (Half) Hour- thanks to you all for your viewing and feedback! More cards in a card game is always good, right? Well - kind of...there's a l...

Hearthstone Test Season 2 Arrives Today! (09/01) – Hearthstone News

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It's almost time for Hearthstone Beta Test Season 2! After the delays, the official blue post yesterday, so the patch should come today! Downtime in potential today below for you Hearthstone players. -- We w...

Hearthstone Nefarian Hidden Lab Guide/Win! | Blackrock Mountain Adventure Mode!

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It's Blackrock Mountain time - Hearthstone's second adventure! Here we conquer the normal mode fight against Nefarian for the second time - in the Hidden Laboratory! Click Expand below for more info! **Subscribe for m...

Hearthstone 2 Minute Deck Guide | Rogue | Havoc Weapon/Shade!

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Need a new Rogue deck to try in Hearthstone? Look no further! In this video we're quickly reviewing a weapon/tempo deck from Havoc - More details below! **Subscribe for more Hearthstone! -

Hanzo – The Wandering Dragon (Hero Voice Lines, Lore and Interactions) | Hammeh

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Destined from birth to lead and to rule, Hanzo Shimada’s life’s goal was to prepare to take over his father’s leadership of the Shimada Ninja Clan and criminal empire. A rebellious younger brother and a violent confro...

Bunker Pressure TvZ Wins – Akilon Plateau (1v1 Heart of The Swarm Beta)

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Two games here - both same map (Akilion Plateau), both same start by Zerg, both same end result, slightly different ways of getting there after the bunker pressure/rush by me. Interesting for a compare and contrast...

Hearthstone Beta – Exploring Basic Cards and Custom Decks! (First Impressions)

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G'day and welcome to the fifth of our commentated Hearthstone Beta videos! Still happy to have got my Hearthstone Beta key, clé and all - really fun game, and hope that as many of you get on the action as poss! In ...

Ladder and Learn – Naxxramas Control Warrior! | Hearthstone Half Hour 113

551 Views0 Comments Subscribe for more Hearthstone! - Ladder time - warrior vs the world! On Wednesdays, we stream a few ladder games wherever we are o...

The Banner Saga – Sneak Peek Video! | FailCraft Friday Fun!

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Welcome to a new video series! As much as we love Hearthstone and a bunch of other games, there are so many games out there, we need to mix it up a bit on occasion ;)

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