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Pick Your Own Arena – Mage! | Hearthstone Half Hour 120

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Subscribe for more Hearthstone and gaming vids on our YouTube! - Follow us to catch streams live on Twitch! - -- Arena Tuesday - you choose our ...

Overwatch Plays of The Week! | Episode #1

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Many kills, much wow! A new series for us (never fear, Hearthstone returns soon!) with Overwatch plays of the week :-)

Hearthstone Whispers of The Old Gods – Expansion News and First Cards Video!

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Hearthstone's New Expansion is announced! Releasing Late April/Early May, Whispers of the Old Gods brings 134 new cards to Hearthstone, new mechanics and more! Watch our summary video for all the announcement news and...

Overwatch Beta Client Settings and Options Preview Video!

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Not long for the Overwatch Beta to go live! We took a look at the client a few hours early (26th of Oct) and ran through the menu settings for video, audio, gamepad (!), controls and more..While we wait, here's what y...

Top 10 Community Plays of The Week! – #2 | Hammeh

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Overwatch Top 5 - x 2! community plays of the week that you submit! :) ► Submit plays to ► Please Like and Comment with your favourite plays, and subscribe to never miss an Overwatch ...

SDCC Ana Origins Panel Roundup! | Hammeh

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Overwatch lore and story galore at SDCC (San Diego ComicCon) in Blizzard's Ana Origins Panel, including new First Strike Graphic Novel images! **Subscribe**

Overwatch Lore – Necropolis Map Lore, Easter Eggs and Speculation! | Hammeh

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**SUBSCRIBE** -- Necropolis is a map rich with details and lore explaining where Ana may have been recently, where Soldier 76 is right now, and what they might ...

Top 10 Community Plays of The Week! – #6 | Hammeh

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Overwatch Top 5 (x 2!) Community plays of the week submitted by you! ➜ Please Like and let us know your favourite plays in the comment section ➜ Never miss an Overwatch video from me by subscribing here: https://www...

Pharah – Quick Hero Guide!

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Overwatch's Pharah - daughter to a famous mother, military veteran, and famous bringer of Justice from Above! In my new Push Play series, we run through a few quick tips and playstyle thoughts for Pharah in just 3-4 m...

Where to Find Overwatch Lore

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Wherecan I find Overwatch Lore and Story? That's a question I'm always asked - here's the answers, along with my top 10 sources of "official" lore! More details below! Subscribe - -- As Ove...

Overwatch Winston Quick Hero Guide | Hammeh

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Genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant super-intelligent and the last hope and champion for humanity's potential. Just don't call him a monkey ;) In this Push Play series, I run through a few quick ...

Reinhardt Digital Comic Review and Analysis! | Overwatch Lore

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0000Overwatch's Second Digital Comic is awesome! Reinhardt is travelling the land after Overwatch's downfall, righting wrongs and bringing justice to those in need. Have he and his travelling companion met their match...

Hearthstone Zinaar Guide/Win – The League of Explorers Adventure!

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It's League of Explorers adventure time - Hearthstone's third adventure! Here we conquer the normal mode fight against Zanaar for in the Temple of Orsis! We win with skill. Err, yes, skill. Honest... Click Expand belo...

Hearthstone The League of Explorers Adventure Announced – All Details!

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Hearthstone has a new adventure inbound - we'll be joining The League of Explorers! Get a brief roundup of all the news from Blizzcon 2015 for the expansion here including release date, story and new game mechanics! ...

Giveaway Details, 20k Subs, New Twitch! | Hammeh Channel Update #4

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-GIVEAWAY LINK (ends 17/06/16) - -New TWITCH - please follow! -Submit your plays - -Subscribe! - **Subscribe -

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