About FailCraft

FailCraft is very much a place for the new or casual Hearthstone, Heroes of The Storm League of Legends, StarCraft 2 player, or indeed  gamer in general! Starting from a combination of one man’s fight against the BattleNet ladders combined with some general learning to play, we’ve expanded to cover a bunch of games in a fun and accessible way 🙂


News and tutorial articles focus around the struggles and learning curve new players experience in our Hearthstone, LoL and SC2 Terran gameplay, in the hope that other people will learn from our mistakes 😉 Outside of video on YouTube and Twitch, the site also creates beginner-friendly, permanent resources for new gamers, Hearthstone and StarCraft players – such as a terminology and acronym dictionary, a resource center for great links for new players and attempts at casting games we’ve won and lost, as well as some strategy along the way.

Whether you’re a Terran beginner in need of tactics, a PC or console gamer sussing out a new game, Hearthstone, LoL or StarCraft player in need of a grounding in the terms of the game or simply someone who enjoys gaming warts and all, there’s hopefully something for you here. No question is too stupid to ask, so go for it – we’ll always try to help the best we can!

Any feedback, constructive criticism, replays you’d like to send or offers of help (hey, we’d love them!) – feel free to contact us at failcraft101.at.gmail.com!

-The FailCraft Team-


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BBC Radio 5 Live – Twitch / Amazon Take-over – August 2014 | Commentary – interview available here soon.