Carrion Strain or Creeper Strain? Or, who would win in a Carrion Strain vs Creeper Strain matchup? Today it’s the turn of the Swarm Host to get the Evolution Strain vs treatment!

Here’s the next video and text breakdown in the complete set of Evolution Heart of The Swarm missions to allow you to take your pick. This time we’ll be taking a look at the Swarm Host evolution mission! A lot of people are missing Lurkers and Impalers, but these Swarm Hosts are quite fun. With these evolution strains covering a couple of what could be seen as key weaknesses (or balancers!) to the unit, they make using Swarm Hosts really fun in the campaign. Whichever you pick – these will be a hoot.

Unit comparison below the vid!

Evolution Unit Comparison – Carrion Swarm Host or Creeper Swarm Host?

Carrion Swarm Host: Abilities and Impression

The Carrion Swarm Host strain was found on New Babylon, from essence discovered in Dominion Territory. Abathur, the evolution master of the Zerg, found a native insectoid species that had strands of essence allowing a new Swarm Host strand that produces flying locusts. Kerrigan then orders the newly mutated Hosts to sack Terran Nuclear silos as a test of the strain.

+Can spawn flying locusts that can actually attack ground targets.

+These locusts of the flying variety have greater attack speed, and deal 50% more damage than a regular locust, however get a penalty of -25% life.

+These locusts also can’t attack air as standard!

Impression – extended range and ability to rapidly move your Swarm Host spawns, and fly! Makes hosts that bit more handy. Fun to play!

Creeper Swarm Host: Abilities and Impression

The Creeper Swarm Host strain was born from Ignus, a planet where the brood mother was recently killed, leaving the brood in danger. A local organism, the Ashworm, was destroying the local swarm brood due to its ability to tunnel quickly to escape.
The Ashworm’s strains can be harvested through killing the creature to obtain essence, before Kerrigan tests the new Creeper strain’s ability to tunnel by defending Dominion attacks on the local Zerg hive clusters.

+Generates creep while rooted or burrowed.

+New Ability – “Deep Tunnel” – the Creeper Swarm Host can travel to any area with creep quickly underground (effectively a teleport!)

Impression – Creeper strain sounds a bit more boring, but it’s massively useful for instant base defense. I can see these being really handy in later campaign missions when you’re stretched or attacked in several different places consecutively…

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