Hurray – first website video today!

Does what it says on the tin – a quick unproduced, commentary-less game of playing as Terran in 2v2 in the StarCraft Heart of The Swarm Beta. Lost, Bronze league style – although team-mate could have helped!

For more info on the game, see below.  Views on my play? Constructive criticism welcomed!

 Match Summary and Self-Critique:

Terran / Protoss vs Terran/Zerg
This game seemingly started fine – my average APM was around 95, so I wasn’t moving slowly.The transition early to mid wasn’t great, a one army fight at the end took the day.

-I had no scouting information on the enemy beyond the fact the Zerg had expanded, and the Terran had walled off.

-I should have pushed earlier on the Zerg expansion at the point of having 2 hellions.

-Macro then failed by slowing to snails pace of playing for some reason and built up a resource mountain on three bases, stopped producing units..then got wiped in one move – unsure what the Protoss ally had beyond Phoenixes!

-Ultimately, I wasn’t maxed. A few more units may have actually made the difference if I’d been able to take the rest of the Terran land forces and Broodlords.


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