Video #3 of this 2v2 Terran run today! Match summary and self-critique below..this is a short one.

Match Summary and Self-Critique:

Terran / Protoss vs Terran/Terran

This game was quick, although I was bailed out by my teammate here. Post-analysis – same two mistakes (banking money a bit, not pushing supply) almost cost me when the first attack comes in at around 9 minute mark. Void rays saved us!

Key Points:

-I fast expanded, and should have built bunkers or more units to cover.

-Smaller but still substantial trust fund / spare resources mid game. Macro needs more work.

-9 min saw a mixed hellion and infantry attack from the enemy that almost took us. The Void Ray kept us in the mix!

-After this point we expanded and consolidated, breaking the next push.

-Should have read the double factory scout at front door better and prepped more for tanks or hellions..

How can I play better? Anything I can do to make the videos better, do let me know..or comment below or on the video!

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