Need a new Goblins vs Gnomes deck to try in Hearthstone? Look no further! In this video we’re quickly reviewing a refreshed Pirate Rogue Deck – More details below!

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In this episode of our Know Your Enemy / Deck Guide / Newbie Monday series, we look at a refreshed Pirate Rogue deck in Goblins vs Gnomes courtesy of Xixo!

Pirate Rogue has its moments and pops up in various sets of decks for Legend rank pushes on ladder – and GvG has given Pirate cards a bunch of love! Pirate Rogues charge in with early game aggression, but has the rogue’s great control cards (for low mana costs relatively) as backup! Keep the table under control, set up your big combos and smash for big damage as soon as possible – with this deck, as with a lot of aggro, it’s all about the trades, when to trade and when to just go for face!

We do the usual – grab a list, review the cards and mana curve, see how it works, then test it out in this hands-on guide!

Check our longer playtest and guide in the linked video below, as well as some ladder games with it in action!!


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