Elephants Guide Me! In this 2 minute deck guide, we’re taking a look at Airbass’s fun and controll-y Overload Midrange Shaman with Murloc flavours – click expand for more details and decklist!

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**Deck List and wisdom from Airbass** –  http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/235568-brm-midrange-overload-shaman

In this episode of our Know Your Enemy / Deck Guide series, we look at Airbass’s fun and experimental Midrange Overload Shaman in just 2 minutes – making good value trades and getting board control, while slowly building your board into a flametongue totemed, unstoppable force – or if the stars align, pulling out a nasty bunch of burst damage is possible too!

With the new BRM Shaman cards, some fun Lava Shock combos are possible – key to this deck is not overextending, but building your board and keeping your opponent under control. When lethal’s possible, it can go off in a huge way – you don’t need to push it most of the time 😀

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For more details on mulligans and general play philosophy, you should 110% head on over to Hearthpwn and Airbass’s deck article 🙂

Deck list – http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/235568-brm-midrange-overload-shaman


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