Need a new Goblins vs Gnomes deck to try in Hearthstone? Look no further! In this video we’re quickly reviewing a fun Feign Death/Deathrattle GvG Deck – More details below!

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In this episode of our Know Your Enemy / Deck Guide series, we look at a fun Hunter deck in just 2 minutes – showing how deathrattle can go a bit crazy with the new Hunter GvG card, Feign Death!

This deck aims to get out the usual early Undertaker/cheap deathrattle minions to grab board control, but then has the option of combo’ing those with Feign death (trigger all deathrattles) and potentially Baron Rivendare (X2 deathrattles!) for mad, board take-over funnery. Shredders provide the mid to late game finishing power! Lots of fun, quite rushy…what’s not to like? Evil when it goes off đŸ™‚

Check our longer playtest and guide in the link in this description to see them! To see how it performs, check our other video here!


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