How are Ancient Chinese Generals relevant to Hearthstone? Well, it’s not just about pandas! Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” says about knowing your enemy, and that’s what we’re doing in this series! We’re catching up on website updates from videos published in Season One – for the very latest stuff, check out our YouTube channel here!

In this episode of our Know Your Enemy / Deck Guide / Newbie Monday series, we look at how you can get big stuff out on the board early in our Ramp Druid Deck Introduction!

We love ramp, like Brick loves lamp – for all you Ron Burgundy fans…

Here we have a fun play-around with a ramp druid deck – ramp decks thrive off Druid accelerating cards like Innervate, Wild Growth and Nourish to let you get big tanky minions quick. You can then grind your opponent into submission and protect your big finishing cards!

This is one variant variant from Forcedawg a month or so ago – be warned – it has great strengths but challenging weaknesses, and easier/cheaper versions are available!

Check Forcedawg’s work here –


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