Welcome to the 11th episode of the Hearthstone Half Hour – a 5/6 night a week show where I go through Hearthstone for newer players with some strategy and fun 🙂

You’re new to a card game, learning different strategies, deck types and cards…it’s inevitable that every new card game player at some point will copy a deck list! There’s advantages and dangers to doing this…so here’s your guide to them from a new player perspective 🙂

Decklisting / copying a deck is pretty common in trading card games. Players love to share ideas, strategies, and similar like any other game. For new players or those wanting to dive deeper into a competitive game, it’s a good way to learn and pick up strategies and understand match-ups more deeply. What it isn’t most of the time is an instant win button – so, approach it with that in mind, and you’ll be a happier person.

In this episode, we take Artosis’ priest decklist from The InnKeepers Invitational at BlizzCon 2013, and offer a few tips on how to go about copying and trying to use a deck list safely! We then jump into a match to see how this Priest Deck plays out in practice.

Remember – know the cards, if you’re going to copy a list, copy it either entirely or not at all to start with, and look at card synergy and combos before practicing against the AI or in a non-competitive game! More tips below the video in a general sense…we will write and link a more general article on decklisting shortly!


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