Welcome to the 13th episode of the Hearthstone Half Hour!

We’re up to rank 11 or so in ladder, so back to that soon in Hearthstone Land…

In the meantime, our Arena running and class learning continues – hopefully if you’ve been following the series or just jumped in, you’ve seen a few basic deck building concepts we’ve discussed!

Pushing ourself out of the Priest comfort zone again, we intentionally picked Rogue in this draft – a hero we haven’t played in constructed (ranked/ladder/your own built deck format)..and then go through the process of getting familiar with the hero from a playing point of view rather than playing against them. We then draft an Arena deck trying to keep to our core pillars – play with A Theme, try to have card synergy and always having a solid core of neutral cards by knowing them as best you can!

Our Theme – From doing a quick and hasty Rogue analysis (from a more new player perspective), we decide to try to grab weapons, buff these weapons,, buff minions whilst keeping board control with Rogue Combos.

Synergy – As the Arena draft progresses, we keep trying to draft cards and neutral minions that compliment our theme (EG – minions that benefit from heroes that use a weapon,  getting low cost minions that can set up Rogue Combos and that can benefit from Rogue buffs, Rogue spell and abilities that help board control)

When this draft is complete (and it’s done quite slowly with explanation), we’re all set. See what you think, and stay tuned for next episode where we’ll take this deck for a spin!

Love it or hate it – please like, dislike or comment and let me know what you think, along with what we can cover in future episodes!

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