Welcome to the 6th episode of our Hearthstone Half Hour!

Going out 5/6 nights a week, the show aims to run through Hearthstone for brand new / mid level players with some fun stuff, walk through guides and strategy too.

Here we break out from our Paladin Arena and introduce our first more in-depth look into a class – creating a Priest constructed deck.

The Priest is a pretty strong archetype / deck type right now, mainly due to the versatility and mana cost of control cards it has, along with some great heal and draw mechanics. For those of you who haven’t played trading card games, this goes through both Priest deck card basics and deck-building basics, rather than being an expert Priest draft or level piece. We look at Priest deck-specific cards along with how they work, then run through a basic deck I’ve made with Mana Curve, synergy of cards/card combos, and deck balance – along with having a rough deck theme or vision of what you want to play with and how, and trying to grab a set of cards that compliment that.

Love it or hate it – please like, dislike or comment and let me know what you think, along with what we can cover in future episodes!

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