Johanna time! In our latest Learn and Play video, we take the Crusader of Tristram and run you through her abilities, talents, and playstyle in Heroes of The Storm.

Hero gameplay is from 19:12 onwards – skip link in the description, expand below for more info!

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Johanna’s an easy to pick up Melee Warrior in Heroes of The Storm, great for new players who like Diablo or smashing things!

In this vid, we run through her abilities before trying them out in Try Mode in Heroes. For a gameplay match of Johanna in action, check out this video below – **coming later today**

Condemn pulls enemies in around Johanna with a nice stun, Punish slows and damages them further in a cone, and a Shield Glare brings further pain while reducing incoming damage to Johanna.

Johanna’s Heroic Abilities let you get in the thick of the action – either flying through the air for damage and a knock-up with Falling Sword, or going Captain America style with Blessed Shield – throwing your shield around, bouncing it off enemy heads for stuns and damage. With Iron Shield giving a handy extra bit of protection as well as an “Unstoppable” buff for a short spell, Johanna’s well set up to let you get in the thick of it and smash!
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