Splitter Strain or Hunter Strain? Or, who would win in a Splitter Strain vs Hunter Strain matchup? A micro job that if ever there was one (c’mon – it’s Banelings we’re talking about here :D)..our final evolution mission comparison gives the Baneling the run-down!

Here’s the final video and text breakdown in the complete set of Evolution Heart of The Swarm missions to allow you to take your pick. This outing we’ll be taking a look at the Baneling evolution mission! Banelings..a bad macro’ing Terran’s nightmare – see those infantry burn in StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty multiplayer! These strains give you a lot of fun either way in Campaign – then again, it’s banelings! Hardly a boring unit 😉

Evolution Unit Comparison – Splitter Baneling or Hunter Baneling ?

Splitter Baneling Strain: Abilities and Impression

Abathur and his cunning planning found a feral species of microscarab on Neleth. These scarabs had evolved an elegant survival mechanism – the decentralized nervous system of the mitoscarab means that (blah aside) it breaks into two creatures on death. On detonation, these banelings when evolved split again into 2 smaller baneling spawns. This happens just the once!

+On detonation, banelings split into two smaller banelings which do 5 damage each on detonation.

Impression – for even bigger baneling balls rolling around, loads of fun! more bang for your baneling buck – a good laugh in heart of the swarm campaign 🙂

Hunter Baneling Strain: Abilities and Impression

Abathur finds the Hunter  Baneling Strain on Scoria – created from banelings that have been subjected to lava flows. Survivors developed an ability to jump up cliffs to avoid rising lava!

+Hunter banelings are able to scale cliffs, and leap towards targets.

Impression – fun for ambushes, approaching bases from rear and defenses, raids…these are very useful in campaign for some quick damage. Recommend! Wish they were in Multiplayer (if I wasn’t facing them)..


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