An ex-StarCraft 2 pro and film-star, D’va’s currently serving on the front line for MEKA,putting her career on hold to help defend the region against a giant omnic monstrosity causing trouble in the East China Sea.

Her in-game voice lines and interactions show off a whole lot more to her character outside of her official site biography, and that’s what we’re exploring in this video, along with more in-depth sources on her back story and lore.

How did Korea come under such threat? Why were and other gamers picked to defend the their home region, and from what?

Just as importantly, what cheats does know (30 year old ones!), and what game does she think Winston’s from? 🙂 We try to cover all this and more!

This is one video of a series, so please check the rest out on my YouTube Overwatch channel! The vast majority of sound effects are “clean” from the game’s files – enjoy!

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    i m a big fan of this article taught me many things about Hana song. really appreciate it.