Junkrat is currently on the run with his partner in crime, Roadhog, causing chaos worldwide. Radiation-tinged from his time as a Junker, Junkrat holds a valuable secret that bounty hunters and nefarious individuals are hunting him for. Whether we’ll find out what it is in time, remains to be seen!

His in-game voice lines and interactions show off a whole lot more fun outside of his official site biography, and that’s what we’re exploring in this video, along with more in-depth sources on his back story and lore.

Just as importantly, how can he outpun Mei, and is he a fan of Katy Perry? 🙂

What is Junkrat hiding, treasure wise? Why’s he on a spree of crime with Roadhog, what’s with the hate of omnics, and is he just just, like Dr Pepper, a bit misunderstood?

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