Overwatch Lore Bytes – where I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic! This episodes lore byte – who are the big companies and corporations in Overwatch’s lore and story, what do we know about them, and what might their goals be?

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In this episode we’re really digging into everything we currently know about the big 5 companies and corporations of Overwatch’s lore and story world – Vishkar Corporation, Lumerico, Helix Securities/Security, Volskaya Industries and Lucheng Interstellar. I review what we currently know about these organisations, their technology, areas of expertise and activities, and then take some time to go through what we don’t know or need to find out in future.

Where do Lumerico fit in the Sombra and Dorado mystery – are they good, bad, or someplace confused inbetween? Will Helix Securities be able to withstand the barrage of attacks they’re seemingly getting on all fronts? Can Volskaya continue to produce to keep Russia safe from a second Omnic Crisis, and will Vishkar show any agenda beyond their very aggressive business practices? What about the gorrillas on the moon – are Lucheng Interstellar still involved up there? Some speculation contained in this section, but it’s all marked and flagged here 😉

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