Overwatch Lore Bytes – I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic! Today, how do you understand the timeline of Overwatch’s lore and story events?
I discuss what can be gained and lost from trying to make timelines, how to go about looking at Overwatch’s timeline for lore and story events with key dates and sources, then try to apply this in two examples – one with Winston, and the other investigating Mercy’s age change before launch! Some speculation contained, but it’s all marked and flagged.

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Timelining, or trying to work out a timeline or history of events, is fun to experiment with in a lot of worlds and lore, because it can help you look at characters, events and the relationships between them in some fun and different lights.


What you can do with trying to timeline, is add more rich detail and get a more complete picture of the lives of heroes, and the overwatch world in general, along with a sequence of events. You can also ask fun questions and explore the world and lore.

What you cant do is precisely date everything!

The Overwatch timeline is…complex. It probably always will be, and you should never expect anything concrete! Many TV shows, books, and video games will often tweak their story and “history” as they go, so you should never take anything too literally! Being 100% accurate is probably impossible, and also impedes good storytelling and evolving stories 🙂

Various folks have tried, with varying degrees of success. Take any timeline with a pinch of salt, as personal theorycraft. Head canon and estimation always come in. There are some “rocks” of canon or blizzard-sources that we can build around, although even these are subject to change – I’ll give you some examples now!

How to timeline –


Take sme key dates from lore sources, cross reference them with eachother and other dates, then build a history and sequence of events – or, just apply them to your favourite character and people and events in their overwatch life 🙂

Here’s some “canon” dates to get you started. Start everything with “today” as being day 0. (there can be up to 1 year variance, depending on if you take the dates of various blogs as being the same amount of time apart in the timeline, but we’ll skip that for now)

Omnic crisis was 30 years ago. (Are you with us?) Trailer.

Two decades after overwatch ended crisis, it brought to knees” – rough Overwatch lifetime. (FADING GLORY – Morrison Blog)

6 years from “Morrison’s Death” (Explosion of Swiss HQ/rough fall of overwatch until “present day” of 2015 blog. (FADING GLORY – Morrison Blog)


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