Overwatch lore and story, Sombra, and S76 punching Reaper? The Eighth Digital Comic, Old Soldiers, is amazing! Click for more details! **Subscribe** – https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=FailCraftCasts

Overwatch’s Eight Digital Comic, “Old Soldiers” – shows Jack Morrison, now known as Soldier 76, on the hunt for a mysterious hooded figured in Giza, Egypt. Discovering that the hooded stranger has been causing problems for a local figure named Hakim, Morrison follows the trail to Hakim’s base of operations. Before he can question Hakim, he hears a familiar voice…and in the resulting confronation, is “reunited” with Reaper and with Ana Amari in a full-on fire and fist fight, with all sorts of lore titbits! Sombra is also mentioned – could she, like Reaper, be working with Talon?

In this video I take a quick look through talking points and interesting bits of the comic, along with a little light speculation on what new Overwatch story and lore we may have learned from it too. Suffice to say, this contains spoilers – link for comic’s in the description below if you haven’t read it already.

Comic is at – https://comic.playoverwatch.com/en-us


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