Overwatch’s McCree – in his lore, a vigilante outlaw helping where he can. Will he ever unite with Overwatch again? Explore his lore and story, voicelines and interactions with fellow heroes and the world around him in this video!

What’s the bad blood between McCree and Gabriel Reyes, now the Reaper, possibly all about? Would McCree happily kill Reaper if he saw him again? What films does McCree like or reference, and what ’80s rock group might be he be a bit of a fan of? 🙂

I discuss all these important (and silly) questions, engage in some Overwatch speculation on McCree’s story a little, and more!

This is one video of an Overwatch Hero Lore and Interaction series, so please check the rest out on my channel!

What do you think of McCree’s Overwatch Lore and Story, and who would you like to see me cover next with voice lines and interactions? Would love to hear what you think in the comments – any feedback on how I can improve this or future vids, much appreciated 🙂

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