There’s been a lot of speculation from some mined soundfiles recently as to whether a Reinhardt, Germany/Stuttgart map could be close to arriving in Overwatch. I’ve gone back through my archives and found something that may well prove its name, and existence even in March of this year 🙂 My vids from April and June on this aren’t looking so bad after all!

Timestamps to skip –

From Beginning – Background to speculation
01:47 – New sound files!

What do you think – is this proof that the map is coming, and named Black Forest? What do you think it’ll look like?

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‘GERMANY – BLACK FOREST?’ – Reinhardt’s voice line points to him being home at some point (I shared back in April), if it’s not a relic of Project Titan. We know he’s based in Stuttgart, the capital of the “black forest” region of germany. Could in-game paintings/pictures be teasing us to this, and other potential settings for levels?

MUSIC – “10 by 3” by the talented One Formation – please do check them out here –


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  • everyone is speculating peacefully and u destroy it with the confirmation xD. Amazing!