Hi and welcome! I’m Hammeh, and today we’ll be taking a look at Overwatch’s Tenth Digital Comic, “Reflections” – in which we see Lena Oxton, Tracer to most of us, on the hunt for a last-minute Christmas gift for Winston in King’s Row. As Winston frets about whether Tracer will arrive Just in Time, we see tracer dashing through the snow, and massive reveal into her character’s story too! Winston’s wondering about his friends and family’s whereabouts, and we see a mass “where are they now?” of the Overwatch cast, that poses a lot of interesting questions!

In this vid I take a quick look through talking points and interesting bits of the comic, along with a little light speculation on what new Overwatch story and lore we may have learned from it too. Suffice to say, this contains MASSIVE spoilers – link for comic’s in the description below if you haven’t read it already, or head to comic.playoverwatch.com. PLEASE read it first if you haven’t already, then come back to let me know your thoughts!

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