Tracer – the cheeky Cockney, everyone’s favourite fearless pilot, time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good! Her in-game voice lines and interactions show off a whole lot more to her character besides that though!

Where can Tracer be found when she’s not Fighting The Future? What are her thoughts on hard-wearing fashion? What’s her favourite takeaway food? We discover all these things and more, as well as tracking down what Tracer says to mock Reaper when she kills him in a rare line…Death Ccccommmeees 🙂

This is one video of a series, so please check the rest out on my channel! The vast majority of sound effects are “clean” from the game’s files – enjoy!

What do you think of Tracer’s banter with the Overwatch cast, and who would you like to see me cover next with voice lines and interactions? Would love to hear what you think in the comments – any feedback on how I can improve this or future vids, much appreciated 🙂

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