Sombra’s been teased in Overwatch since forever – with the potential new character and hero getting her own ARG! Discover the whole Sombra ARG and potential path to a Sombra reveal in Overwatch here!


The Sombra train never stops! The tease has been running since October 2015, before Open Beta – In this video, I cover the history of Sombra, the ARG (alternate reality game) that’s been running over the past couple of months, right up to the events of the last few days – so we’re right up to date!
She’s not even arrived in Overwatch yet in either lore or in-game (if she will!), but Sombra’s ARG has had a lot of Overwatch fans and game theorists busy for many weeks! Here I cover the Sombra ARG in a nutshell – doing a recap of the ARG, explaining Sombra’s hints and clues she’s given, attempting to explain how it all fits in with the Overwatch universe, and finally, speculate what this all may mean for a timing as to when Sombra might release, along with what abilities she may have from datamining that’s already taken place!

If you’re more knowledgeable than me (not hard on these topics!), please do correct me or chime in with your thoughts in the comments!

What do you think about the Sombra ARG? Has it run on too long, are you enjoying it or finding it frustrating by now? Do let me know in the comments below!

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