Blizzard’s Overwatch world and maps are really rich in detail, story and quite often teasers of future content. In this video, we take a look at five heroes who may well show up in Overwatch in future, including some new, never heard in-game audio 🙂

Timestamps are in the video description if you wish to skip to a particular hero.

Who are you most excited for as a potential future hero? Would love to hear what you think in the comments – any feedback on how I can improve this or future vids, much appreciated 🙂

‘SOMBRA’ – a file on a desk in Dorado has hinted to Sombra since before the beta began, with newspapers in Dorado also making a nod to a shadowy, hero.

We lay out the case as to why Sombra is a unique character, look at new map assets that may provide clues to their appearance, and with a never before heard in-game voice line, potentially confirm her gender and affiliation with one of Overwatch’s most mysterious villains!

‘HAWK’ – a massive six posters of this character exist in Overwatch map spawns. With seemingly vision/visor-related abilities from her artwork and her bird-of-prey like profile, the character I’ve dubbed ‘Hawk’  is also associated with a company or brand, Cyber Optics.

What is her relationship with the mech or omnic she’s often pictured beside? Why are they set against the skyline of Numbani,  and presented alongside messaging of ‘UNITE’ or ‘STAND’?

‘ATHENA’ –  teased since early beta as a character in Watchpoint Gibraltar, Athena has since been added as the guide in the in-game tutorial.

A recent beta patch has added a logo that potentially links her back to early cinematic trailers and concept art. Is she about to control a mech, or will we see the speculated Overwatch AI move from being a Ghost In The Machine to taking a physical, even omnic form?

‘SOUNDQUAKE’ – name-dropped in the first cinematic trailer by Younger Brother, Soundquake’s chest missiles and name could link him to both a character in trailers and a series of in-game posters and billboards. Could his large, cannon weapon be a bass cannon? 😉

‘DOOMFIST’ – with the artifact known as ‘The Doomfist’ being the centre of Overwatch’s 2014 cinematic unveiling, we’ve since learnt more about its history and the heroes and villains who have born it.

We recap what we know about Doomfist so far, and add a new sound file from the Numbani museum that seems to back up a lot of existing speculation.

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