Overwatch Top 5 (x 2!) Community plays of the week submitted by you!
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Episode 6 of our Overwatch Plays of The Week series, where we celebrate the awesome, weird and sometimes accidental Plays of the Game and Funny Moments that you -the awesome Overwatch community from my channel- make!

In our Top 10, we’ll showcase plays you submit that include awesome teamwork, bloopers, team kills… and even those moments you’d possibly rather forget (all in the name of good fun).

Once you’ve watched the video, why not tell us what your favourite play in the comments section was — the plays with the most votes will go into the running for Play of The Month, which will win a small prize.

NEW THIS WEEK: Some Ana mega healing, a huuuuuge res, powers combining in a d.va ult of win and some boops with a long way to fall…will people ever learn on Ilios?!

HOW TO TAKE PART: Comment to let us know your favourite plays and/or submit plays to hammeh@overwatchheadquarters.com with a few lines telling us what’s great about your clip. Links to YouTube vids are fine! (PS4 / XBOX ONE via their share functionality)

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