Overwatch’s Zenyatta – lore wise, a humble monk about to become a hero? Explore his lore and story, voicelines and interactions with fellow heroes and the world around him in this video!

Overwatch origins and lore wise, Zenyatta’s on an ongoing road to heal the wounds in society caused by the first Omnic Crisis. After experiencing his own spiritual awakening and becoming an omnic monk, he’s been no stranger to challenging the beliefs of others both as a member of the Shambali, and on his wanderings of the world. Known for his ability to help people overcome their personal struggles (Genji is one such example), Zenyatta’s influence and talents may be required now more than ever. With human-omnic co-existance being a tinderbox as a Second omnic crisis erupts, what part will Zenyatta have to play in the troubling times ahead?
What does Zenyatta believe, how does he feel about anti-Omnic prejudice, and how hes she react to the various Omnics and omniphobes in the Overwatch roster of characters? What movies may Zenyatta have watched (or not!), and who is his favourite actor? Do submarines swim?
I discuss all these important (and silly) questions and more!
This is one video of an Overwatch Hero Lore and Interaction series, so please check the rest out on my channel! The vast majority of sound effects are “clean” from the game’s files – enjoy!

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