StarCraft 2 New Player Guides and Resources – Learn to Play

Completed the StarCraft 2 single player campaign and thinking of taking your first steps into 1 against 1 online play?

The StarCraft 2 multiplayer and online world is a huge and exciting one, but can also be a little confusing. Your Practice league and 5 placement matches can disappear in the blink of an eye, dropping you in the middle of competitive matches without a map.

Happily, there’s a lot of great content out there to help you learn the game and improve. Here’s my selection of some of the best places to soak up information, whether it be podcasts, video casts, streams of good players or commentaors or even tactics forums and websites.

Above all else, remember – the best way of learning ultimately is to practice. Reading and watching all these will help your awareness, but practice hammers it all home.

Think there’s a good site missing? Do comment below!


Video Casts and Streams:

Day[9]TV [downloadable/web viewable casts and streaming]  – an ex-StarCraft Brood War Player, Day[9] casts multiple times a week on all things SC2, covering everything from major tournamets to game analysis of professional players and amateur / user submissions, practice tips for new SC gamers and just plain simple fun games in “Funday Monday”. All content is free, but a voluntary subscription helps Day[9] continue his good work. Highly recommended for new to intermediate players.



Websites and Communities:

Replay Sites and Archives:

Just For Fun – SC2 humour in all forms:

When Cheese Fails [YouTube Channel] – hosted by MaximusBlack and NovaWar, this short and sweet casting series looks on the funny side of players trying for a quick cheesy win – and how they can fail epically in doing so! Fun and worth a watch, but actually not a bad learning resource for brand new players – you can learn a lot of the all-in, do or die strategies the different races go for here, and learn from how people counter them.