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Top 10 Community Plays of The Week! – #6 | Hammeh

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Overwatch Top 5 (x 2!) Community plays of the week submitted by you! ➜ Please Like and let us know your favourite plays in the comment section ➜ Never miss an Overwatch video from me by subscribing here: https://www...

Top 10 Community Plays of The Week! – #2 | Hammeh

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Overwatch Top 5 - x 2! community plays of the week that you submit! :) ► Submit plays to hammeh@overwatchheadquarters.com ► Please Like and Comment with your favourite plays, and subscribe to never miss an Overwatch ...

Bunker Pressure TvZ Wins – Akilon Plateau (1v1 Heart of The Swarm Beta)

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Two games here - both same map (Akilion Plateau), both same start by Zerg, both same end result, slightly different ways of getting there after the bunker pressure/rush by me. Interesting for a compare and contrast...

Getting Outmacro’d / Mech Slowness (1v1 Terran TvT HoTS Beta in-game – DayBreak LE – Loss)

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A long game, where I was outplayed and always reacting. Didn't commit to a strategy, he adapted well, I was very outpositioned a lot and pulled around by drops and armies. My slow Mech force really meant that I couldn...

Turtles seldom prosper (1v1 Terran HoTS Beta in-game – DayBreak LE – Win)

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Wahoo! Needed a win! Here's a Terran vs Protoss with break down below. Please, please let me know - how do you find the text commentary in vids? Would you prefer audio? I am going to add intros and outros and perha...

Hellion Rushed! (1v1 Terran HoTS Beta in-game – Antigua – Loss)

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Urgh. An embarassing loss, but I hope some newbie SC2 players reading this learn from it like I am going to try to! 7 min in-game time long, so not a long one for you to watch ;) http://youtu.be/Abx7ydFoN9I Matc...

1v1 series begins! 1st Terran 1v1 HoTS YouTube

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I've cracked the 1v1 playlists open! Below will be where you can follow me attempting to ladder as low-level Terran in Heart of The Swarm Beta. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6PXefjXaOjNsjrfsA6AmwxAPRvHqwUg...

Quick Flick – 1v1 Maps

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A quick flick video now - does what it says on the tin, a look at the 1v1 maps in the menu. May try to do some more in-depth map scroll throughs in the coming days! http://youtu.be/2q8-o_5qjHg

“Lucky Escape!” Gameplay Video Terran 2v2 StarCraft Heart of The Swarm Beta

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Video #3 of this 2v2 Terran run today! Match summary and self-critique below..this is a short one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr31Ozc1d4c Match Summary and Self-Critique: Terran / Protoss vs Terran/Terra...

Gameplay Video – Terran 2v2 StarCraft Heart of The Swarm Beta

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Another video! Longer this time, mainly due to my procrastinating... http://youtu.be/E4cVtRKZMIE Match Summary and Self-Critique: Terran / Protoss vs Terran/Zerg This game was overtly long but straightforw...

Beta UI Screenshots – StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm

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It's January 2013, and we haven't updated in ages! For those who aren't lucky enough to be in the open beta right now, here's some teaser screenshots of the StarCraft 2: Heart of The Swarm UI in the Beta Client. ...