Corpser Strain or Vile Strain? Or, who would win in a Corpser Strain vs Vile Strain matchup? Too close to tell this one – might go in the unit it’s the turn of the Roachto get the Evolution Strain vs treatment!

Here’s the next video and text breakdown in the complete set of Evolution Heart of The Swarm missions to allow you to take your pick. This outing we’ll be taking a look at the Roach evolution mission! Roaches..those evil units rushing you early and hard occasionally in StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty multiplayer. Burrow, heal…they have a lot going for them – and with these two strains, they get a whole lot more punch.

Unit comparison below the vid!

Evolution Unit Comparison – Corpser Roach or Vile Roach?

Corpser Roach Strain: Abilities and Impression

Abathur discovered the corpser strain in a concealed Protoss facility on Kantar. A captive scantipede there had an interesting strain – upon attacking an enemy, the scantipede implants hosts into the attacker. On death, these hatch to form two new creatures to do the scantipede’s bidding. Corpser Roaches use this ability to create Roachlings on the death of the target they are attacking!

+Enemies damaged by the Corpser Roach, spawn two Roachlings if quickly killed!

Impression – focus your fire and these are brilliant! Armies of roachlings can build very quickly – and the DPS is substantial when it does, meaning great damage. Lovely little campaign unit 🙂

Vile Roach Strain: Abilities and Impression

In the campaign, Abathur finds Vile Roach strain on Melus 4 – created from Zerg that have survived the poisonous spores and pools of the planet, and adapted from these. Survivors formed symbiotic bonds with these spores – giving a great slowing effect to their Acid Saliva, slowing both movement and attacks!

+Vile Roach attacks slow any standard movement speed and attack speed of an enemy units by 75%. Heroic units suffer less of a penalty.

Impression – using these well is all about the focus fire. Get as many individual units “gooped” as possible, then switch your fire back to focused single targets. That way you get the biggest slow if you can click fast enough!


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