A last goodbye to Wings of Liberty – this week I’ll be attempting to stream on FailCraft’s very own Twitch.tv (cower, brief mortals!) and prepping for HOTS next week!

Match Summary and Self-Critique:

Terran vs Terran – Wings of Liberty

I was pretty slow off the mark here – although it was slightly unusual early pressure, from his opening I could have pushed earlier and perhaps killed the game off a bit quicker with better macro and unit production.

Key Points:

Scouting always pays dividends – 2 gas? What the heck?

-Terran wise, he’s either going for fast air, fast tanks…fast something if he’s hitting gas that hard. Or it’s just odd (like I found out later)

-I played an extra barracks whilst waiting for my Reapers to finish the scout. I didn’t see enough in his base really to confirm his plan – just saw a barracks or two and a potential factory. Mis-scout by me in that case.

Bunkers help, but don’t overbunker – the bunkers saving me here could have been avoided if I had macro’d and not supply blocked myself! Also, upgrading better would have helped too..

Keep an eye on your unit mix – in spite of his mass infantry, I some reason went Battlecruisers…without the armour upgrades, battlecruisers can get munched by upgraded/stimmed marines!


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