Noxious or Torrasque ? Noxious vs Torrasque ? Like Harry Hill (for UK dwellers..if you aren’t a UK TV hound google “harry hill fight”) – there’s only one way to find out…

Here’s the next video and text breakdown in this complete set of Evolution Heart of The Swarm missions to allow you to take your pick. This time we’ll be taking a look at the Ultralisk evolution mission! Ultralisks are ridiculous. These strains and varients, combined with the existing Kerrigan Abilities just make them oh-so-painful.

Enjoy wrecking havoc…unit comparison below the vid!

Evolution Unit Comparison – Noxious Ultralisk or Torrasque Ultralisk?

NOXIOUS ULTRALISK: Abilities and Impression

Abathur’s been up to his old work again! Kerrigan and Abathur find out in this mission that a Dominion xeno research facility is doing nasty things with Ultralisks on Korhal. Attempted toxins killed some Ultralisks, but actually bonded with others – allowing them to both be resistance to and to control the toxin to release a deadly gas cloud! The Noxious Ultralisk is born 🙂

+Emits Noxious Clouds that deals 5 damage per second to nearby enemy ground units.

+Uses Toxic Blast ability – 20 damage dealt to enemy ground structures and units. And get this – it has a mere 10 second cooldown…

Impression – ridiculous in any close range environment. Ultralisks got a lot more deadly. Get them in close and healed up, and ravage light or other forces…

TORRASQUE ULTRALISK: Abilities and Impression

Torrasques are gained in the next part of the evolution mission, where Kerrigan and Abathur pull together to resist experimental weapons fired by Mengsks. Part of these weapon’s effects are used to resurrect the Torrasque strain – the Ultralisk that if used well, never dies….

+Gains ability where after death, your ultralisk embeds itself in a cocoon, which after a short time…rebirths the ultralisk! Be careful – this is amazing, but has a 60 second cooldown…so if your Ultralisk dies before the cooldown is up…you do the maths.

Impression – ridiculously fun and a tad imba if rotated well and upgraded etc. I’d take these any day – especially for harder campaign difficulty playthroughs!

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